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W-9 Information

The Clark County Legal News newspaper is a for-profit corporation chartered by and in the State of Nevada.

The Taxpayer Identification Number for the Clark County Legal News Corporation is 74-3042860.

Should your company require a W-9 form before processing an order for publication in the Clark County Legal News newspaper, please click here and print out a completed form.

Please note that Page 1., Part II - Certification, Certification Instructions states that we "are not required to sign the certification". .

Please also note that under the Tax Equity and Fiscal Responsibility Act (TEFRA), Section 6401 of the Internal Revenue Service Code only requires companies to secure a W-9 form from suppliers to which you pay in excess of $600.00 in any calendar year.

Please be further advised that Section 9006 of the Obama Health Care Bill does not change the "$600. in any calendar year" portion of Internal Revenue Service Section 6401. - In other words, neither a W-9 or the name and address of the recipient of payments of less than $600. in any calendar year need to be submitted with your income tax return.

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