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The following is a sample of a typical Public Notice of Name Change (for an adult).

It is typically used to show that a person has filed a Court Petition to change his/her name.

The Notice must be published in a newspaper of general circulation in the county once a week for 3 successive weeks.

On the last day of publication, a Certification of Publication will be sent to you by first class mail.

You may copy the following Legal Notice to your word processor, insert the appropriate information, and, paste it into the box on the Legal Notice Publication Page.


CASE NO: [insert Case Number here]

DEPT. NO: [insert Department Letter here]


NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVENthat the undersigned has filed a Petition, addressed to the above-entitled Court, praying that said Court enter its Order to change the present legal name of Petitioner, [insert full current name here] to the name of [insert full new name here], which is the name Petitioner desires to have in the future.

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that any person having objection to the changing of Petitioner's name as aforesaid shall file written objection with the above-entitled Court within ten (10) days after the last date of the last publication of this Notice.

Submitted by:

X ______________________________________

[insert full current name here]

[insert address here]

[insert City, State & Zip Code here]

[insert Telephone Number here]

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